A foster carer’s story about what life’s like caring for young people.

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This morning we had to wake up slightly earlier as the two teenagers Sally and Jane have an appointment at the dentist.

They have both set their alarm clocks and I can hear them going off. Sally gets up first and goes straight to the bathroom to wash and then get ready for school. Jane takes longer to get up and I have to keep calling as her routine is different today. They both come downstairs to eat their breakfast.

Sally has not been diagnosed with ADHD, but she is showing some related behaviours, and she is waiting for an assessment.

Jane has been diagnosed with mild learning disabilities and she likes peace and quiet in the morning and takes her time to do things. Jane can also at times randomly make loud noises.

I did speak to jane and Sally about making their sandwiches the night before, but both insisted that they would be ok to make them in the morning. Jane wanted to make hers first, but sally had already started to prepare hers. They start to argue with each other, and I talk to them both about being patient and taking turns as this helps to deescalate the argument.

Jane struggles at times showing empathy towards others.


We leave the house and make our way to the dentist their appointment is at 8.15am and they both have their teeth checked.

Jane and Sally discuss who is going to go first for their examination and I talk this through with them.

Jane has to have her teeth cleaned and the dentist talks to her about hygiene and how to clean her teeth more, but he then explains that her teeth are good.

Sally has her teeth checked and she doesn’t need to have her teeth cleaned, the dentist tells her Well done.

Both girls talk about the dentist and their experience on their journey to school. I praise them for their behaviour as I know a trip to the dentist can become difficult for them both.


I drop jane off at school and tell her to have an amazing day and I will see her after school.


We travel to sally’s school, and I also tell her to have an amazing day and I will see her after school.


 I met up with another foster carer for a coffee and we talk through how they are getting on.

We talk about their worries and concerns and how the foster carer has managed certain situations that have happened recently and also the positive things that have happened and I listen and offer advice and support and praise.

We finish our coffee and arrange to meet up again soon.


When I get home, I ring my supervising social worker who picks up the phone and we talk through a situation that has arisen due to Jane downloading Snap Chat and I talk about my concerns. As Jane was targeted within an hour of downloading this app by a person making out to be someone else.

Jane is very trusting and doesn’t see the dangers and she believes this person to be who he said he was, and he isn’t that person.

 We discuss Jane and how to help support her with the challenges of using social media. We talk about ringing the school and also liaising with the virtual school to see what other support they can put in place.

We talk about updating my training and I have a look and book on to a course regarding internet safety around a young people.

Even though I have been out this morning and I offered support to another foster care, I also need support myself.

My supervising social worker is always there to listen and help guide and support me with difficulties that can happen with Jane and Sally in normal every day-to-day life.

I email Janes secondary school and inform them of the issues that have happened.


I receive a phone call from the secondary school that Jane attends and we talk about the incident regarding Snap chat. The communication between school and myself is really important to help support Jane.

The school explain to me that they will talk to her as they have an understanding of how she is incredibly vulnerable.


 I receive a phone call back from Janes secondary school and they have spoken about how they have spent time with Jane discussing online safety regarding social media, but they explained they didn’t want to frighten her but work with her to give her a better understanding about the dangers and risks.

 They will revisit this in a weeks’ time as Jane can struggle to retain information.

I thank the school for their continued support.


 I pick up the grandchildren from school and Jane and Sally also return home, they spend some time with my grandchildren.

Sally has to attend the TICC this evening and she is looking forward to having pizza there tonight.

Sally leaves at 5pm.

She really enjoys attending TICC and she gets to spend time with other young people that are also in foster care. Support workers are there as they help facilitate the meeting and offer support to them when needed.

At TICC they organise special events and activities. They also take part in discussions; this shows them that they are listened to and that their voice is very powerful and valued.


 After Jane and the grandchildren all have tea and then continue spending time together talking, watching TV or having a go at some arts and crafts.

I can hear them laughing and telling jokes but also talking about their day at school.

This is a really good time for Jane to socialize with others and she looks really happy.

The grandchildren leave at 6pm.


Jane has a shower and then does her homework.  Jane then makes a hot chocolate and chills out with the rest of the family until 8pm.

Janes routine is that she likes to go to bed at 8pm and can watch her tv until 10.30pm but she always turns it off at 8.30pm as she likes her sleep.

Sally returns home at 7.30pm and also has a shower. She then makes herself a hot chocolate and also then completes her homework and chills out with the rest of the family and she talks about how TICC went this evening.

Sally goes to bed at 9.30pm and watches TV until 10pm


I complete my recordings for the day and then go to bed for 11pm ready for tomorrow.

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