Types of fostering

There are many different types of fostering that you can choose to specialise in. The application process is the same for all types.


When children and young people come into our care, their future may be uncertain. Our short-term foster carers provide a temporary home until children and young people can return home to their own family, or a longer-term foster family or an adoption arrangement can be made.


Sometimes children and young people are unable to return to live with their own families for several years, if at all. Long-term fostering provides children and young people the stability and security they need to grow and thrive.

Stay-over care

As a stay over carer, you will be providing support to South Gloucestershire foster carers by offering sleepovers for their children or young person in their care, either on a regular basis or throughout school holidays for example.


As an emergency foster carer, you will need to be prepared to care for a child or young person at any time of the night or day and have them stay for a short period of time. This type of fostering is unplanned and at short notice.

Specialist fostering

Our specialist fostering schemes provide homes for children and young people with complex and challenging needs. These schemes include:

  • Parent and Child- you will support new parents with the practical skills they need to care for their baby or child
  • Therapeutic Care Fostering – you will provide specialist therapeutic care to our children and young people with complex needs or challenging behaviours