We provide weekly allowances to cover the cost of caring for a fostered child. The weekly allowance will vary based on a number of factors, including the type of foster care you provide, the number of children you care for, their age, and the complexity of their needs. On average you could receive £537 per week, per child.

All our foster carers are supported to progress through the banding levels through training and personal development. All newly approved foster carers will join at Band 1 unless you are able to demonstrate the competencies to start at a higher level.

There are several other allowances available to support you to care for our children and young people in care. These include:

  • An annual birthday and religious holidays allowance to ensure our children and young people get to enjoy their special days
  • A holiday allowance and help with school trips abroad
  • School uniform and clothing allowance
  • Mileage at 45p per mile in relation to transporting our children and young people to school, appointments, and family time

As a guide, here are our current payments to foster carers, per child, per week:

Age Related Allowance

AgeWeekly AmountBirthday/XmasHoliday
Pre-Primary (0-3 years)           £170.00£170.00£340.00
Primary (4-10 years)           £187.00£187.00£374.00
Secondary (11-15 years)            £213.00£213.00£426.00
Secondary (16-17 years)            £249.00£249.00£498.00

Foster Carer Fee

FeesPer child
Band 1£177.00
Band 2£225.00
Band 3£252.00
Band 4£416.00
Band 5£593.00

Most foster carers don’t have to pay income tax on their earnings

We are delighted that the Qualifying Care Relief payment has been increased. The Qualifying Care Relief fixed amount per household, per year, has increased for UK foster carers to £18,140 (previously £10,000) in the recent Spring 2023 Budget.

If you would like to consider what your income could be, then please see HMRC’s guidance on foster carers and tax

Additional support

We believe that support is not just about the money. It is essential that you feel supported in your role:

  • Once approved you will be entitled to a Blue Light Card, Max Card and a Discount for Carers card where you will be able to access a range of discounts and offers both on the high street and online
  • We provide a range of free activities and get togethers during half terms and the school holidays
  • As members of The Fostering Network, you will also have access to offers and reductions including mortgage deals, house insurance offers, and reduce admittance to theme parks
  • We are also members of New Family Social, where you have access to support, information and member forums
  • Receive 30 hours free childcare for three-and-four-year-olds

Examples of payments to our carers

Here are some examples of typical weekly allowances you could receive:

Band 1

Anika and Tom’s Story
Anika and Tom are Band 1 carers, for Kiera, who is 9 years old and loves football!

They receive £364 per week in fostering allowances, plus £374 per annum to celebrate her birthday and religious festivals and £374per annum to take her away on holiday to make memories, and their mileage.

John’s Story
John is a Band 1 carer and fosters Noah who is 6 and his little brother Oscar who is 3.

John will receive fostering allowances of £711 per week including allowance to help them celebrate their birthdays, religious festival and enjoy family holidays – and his mileage.

When Noah started school, John received a school uniform allowance of £70 to kit him out ready for his new venture.

Band 2

Claire and Tracey are Band 2 carers and foster Jayden who is nearly 13, and his older sister Evelyn who is 16.

They receive £912 per week in fostering allowances. They also receive additional payments for holidays, birthdays, religious festivals – and their mileage is paid.

Band 3

Zoe and her husband Daniel are Band 3 carers and foster Liam who is nearly 2, his brother George who is 11, and their big sister Grace who is 15 (very busy household!).

They receive £1,326 per week in fostering allowances. They also receive additional payments for holidays, birthdays, religious festivals – and their mileage is paid.

Parent and child

Jane is a parent and child foster carer. Her role is to support and encourage parent and child bonding and to help plan for their future.

She currently receives £746 per week fostering allowance.

When Jane started fostering, she also received an equipment allowance to get the room ready for fostering.