Diversity is important in fostering

We value diversity and inclusivity in our fostering service. We believe that every person, regardless of background, has the ability to provide a safe and loving home for our children and young people in care.

We understand that families come in all shapes and sizes, which is why we welcome applications from individuals and families of diverse ethnicities, cultures, religions, physical abilities, and from the LGBTQI+ community. Whether you are single, married, a homeowner, or a tenant, young or old, your willingness to provide a caring environment for children is what matters most to us.

Fostering with pride

We recognise the invaluable contribution that LGBTQI+ individuals and families can make in addressing the growing demand for foster families for children in care. While the number of LGBTQI+ families adopting is increasing, we acknowledge that there is a need for more LGBTQI+ foster carers. If you identify as LGBTQI+ and have a passion for nurturing children and young people, we encourage you to reach out to us today.

We are proud members of the UK LGBTQ+ fostering and adoption charity New Family Social. All our approved foster families are entitled to free individual Gold Membership post approval and Bronze Membership pre-approval. Please visit New Family Social for more information.