A happy couple smiling at the camera surrounded by balloons.
Gill and Julian at their retirement party.

This week we said a fond farewell to our amazing foster carers, Gill and Julian.

Gill and Julian have decided to retire after providing almost 40 years of fostering service to South Gloucestershire Council, offering care, love and support to over 60 children.

A poem written by our talented Service Manager was presented at their farewell party.

Gill and Julian, well, there’s just so much that we could say, about your care and your commitment, lives you’ve touched along the way.
You fostered for South Gloucestershire, for almost 40 years, and we know it’s brought you lots of joy, and also lots of tears.
You saw your role as carers, as much more than just a job, as you welcomed children in your home and offered them your love.
You embraced them as a family, and from the very start, not only did you open up your home, you gave your hearts.
You’d celebrate achievements, and watch all the shows on stage, went to lots and lots of meetings, offered kindness, time, and praise.
You advocated fiercely, were tenacious, did your best, showed the children in your care that they could all achieve success.
You supported education and encouraged health minds. You were always empathetic, always patient, always kind.
You provided opportunities and made your house a home. Saw a child’s capabilities and helped them thrive and grow.
So, we thank you as you now retire, for all you always gave, and please never underestimate the difference that you’ve made!

A huge thank you to you both, Gill and Julian, now enjoy your retirement!

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